Il testo della Champion

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Champion da Agnes Carlsson è parte dell'album "Stronger (Agnes album)" .

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Il testo della Champion

You say it's impossible
But you didn't even try at all
Why am I the only one
Who gives the most all the time

You never can admit the truth
Trying to laugh it off
You say I'm a silly girl
But you just don't understand

Did you think I could ever be
The same way that I used to be
Letting you have your way
Though you had the best of me

The tables are turning now
I'm the one that's in control
No more lonely broken hearts
Can't you see I'm moving on

'Cause I-I-I-I'm a champion
So much stronger than I was before
'Cause I-I-I-I'm a champion
Finally taking hold of my life

It's easier to let you go
Now I'm not emotional
I've learned to make it on my own
I can carry on by myself

I'm through with all the pain
No more drowning in the rain
I'm free to be who I am
This time I am moving on


On my life
Oh, oh, on my life, oohh

Every sign, every move
I will seek without you
Everytime every move
It will be what I choose
Every sign every move
I will seek without you
Everytime every move
It will be what I choose




'Champion' is a pop song recorded by Swedish singer Agnes taken from her second album 'Stronger'. The track was written by Agnes Carlsson, Curtis A. Richardson, and Emanuel Olsson and produced by Emanuel Olsson for Cosmos Productions. It was released as the album's second single in Sweden.

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