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Crucify da Humane è parte dell'album "Welcome to This Wonderland" .

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Il testo della Crucify

Step up to this mountain
and fall out of this tree
you got to keep on climbing
'cause there you'll find me
crazy days fly by us
lost in memories
don't you think about the future
'cause past tomorrow I can't see

liquid rock flows between us
molteern fire wears my soul
crucify me as jesus
and don't ever let me go

welcome to this wonderland
now you thinking clear
find your dream and now don't
don't don't be scared
'cause I'll be with you
yes I'll be over there with you
half the earth devides us
endless stormy seas


when the moon passes over
catch the kisses you left there
circles ride back to you
yes round back to you
ran my fingers
I ran them through your hair
but stand up straight now
and take a bow
and be all you can be



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