Il testo della Deadly Lullaby


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Il testo della Deadly Lullaby

The peaceful silent grave is calling you
Every night
Your every breath is closer to the end
The wind is singing for you deadly one
And icy fingers gently close your eyes

You feel the wildest pleasure mixed with pain
In your vains
The soil is tempting you so soft and cold
There's something in the air what's gripping you
The only thing you want is just collapse...

So sleep...

Every night you're dying in your dream
Sudenlly you fall in to your grave
Every dusk is promissing the till
Thousand clouds is covering the sky

Hear the whisper of silence
On the stone put your head
All your vains so exhausted
Have no strenght to hang on

So sleep innocent child
Invisible danger will come to you
So sleep and dream your dreams
It may be the last one


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