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Don't need you da Cross Canadian Ragweed è parte dell'album "Purple" e rientra nel genere Country,General. E 'stato rilasciato su 31 Oct 2006 sotto l'etichetta di Show Dog Universal Music. Copyright holded da (C) 2006 Universal South Records, LLC.

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Il testo della Don't need you

I gotta mind to go back to that drawin' board
Maybe we should start it all over again
When you were you and I was me
And we weren't both bored
Or pack it up
And call it off as friends

Look at you
High on your pedestal
Getting' off on looking down on me
Our situation's gone from bad to critical
And I think it's time one of us started movin' our feet

I don't need you criticizing me
I don't need you walkin' all over me
I don't need you always tellin' me what to do
And I don't need you

Neither one of us is better than the other
You got that thought rollin' through your brain
You hate me - sometimes I see double
Now the other side of me can't be contained


The truth be known
I could smoke you where you're standin'
But what kind of good would be done then
Rip off my gloves and do it bare handed
But then again, I'd feel better in the end

refrain  (2x)


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