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Falling through again da Symphorce rientra nel genere Hard Rock & Metal,General , Pop,General , Rock,General. E 'stato rilasciato su 14 Jan 2003 sotto l'etichetta di Metal Blade Records. Copyright holded da (C) 2003 Metal Blade Records, Inc..

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Il testo della Falling through again

I kin a room you painted blue
At a loss for what to do
.. whisper your tears
What would you intend to find?
Solitude? your peace of mind?
To echo your fears

Giving more than anything
That you could hope to win
You want the most
Giving up the ghost

I don't need to know reasons why
Safe and free, it's not about me
I learned to lay the blame on the
Strangers we became
I never meant a word i said!!

Into my world of sin
Falling through anything again
Voices inside my head
My destiny begins

Even closer than this life
Until you open up your eyes
I tried to show you how

Slowly moving across the dead
To the voices in your head
Well i'm listening to you now

And the morning light was breaking
You get up without my waking
Would make you want to cry
I've never been to a place i like
I won't ever be the same again
The hate i have has cut me open wide
Something you said has made me realise
Don't be afraid to look into my eyes


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