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Go away da SR-71 è parte dell'album "Now You See Inside" e rientra nel genere Rock,General. E 'stato rilasciato su 20 Jun 2000 sotto l'etichetta di RCA Records Label. Copyright holded da (P) 2000 BMG Entertainment.

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Il testo della Go away

Once inside the door I check my face in the mirror,
As I look past this lonely minute
Was this the ride worth waiting for
I'm scared to death that now I've missed it
But she was not the only stone
Skipped across this gravel road leading down the path of
So I'll fly from this hate, pray my soul the lord will take
To a place through time and indifference
I wanna know how do you feel
I wanna know if this was real
Then tell me what would you say
If you can make this pain go away
She plans her future looking bright ahead
Leaves me in the past.
I can't stand to hang out with my codependent friends
My patience fading fast
But every sign and every song is telling me I don't belong,
But it's O.K. to feel scared
'Cause one day soon I'll find myself and realize that no one
Will make me feel stupid!
There's this old man down in Fell's Point,
Always hanging around
Telling me, "Son, the pendulum swings both ways
But for you, It'll always swing down!"


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