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In empty phrases da Dan Swano rientra nel genere Rock,General. E 'stato rilasciato su 01 Jan 1998 sotto l'etichetta di Black Mark. Copyright holded da 1998 Black Mark Prod./B.Forsberg.

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Il testo della In empty phrases

Here I am in my chamber
In my room full of words
Always searching for patterns that will give life to a line
My poetry is frozen though it's beginning to melt
The solid form is changing to the liquid of thoughts written down
Sentence after sentence in a language not mine
Loss of point no direction
A jigsaw where no pieces fit
I envy the writers and the ðîåts who know the way to the places were poetry
There is no harvest if you never sow
So I beg. steal and borrow wherever I go
If words were like music this would be a book
But this is not even worth the time that it took
Not even a novel just a self-pity tale written by someone that always will
So very fragile inside
That's why I hide in the empty phrases


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