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Il testo della Maybe We'Ll Make It Summer

Well you called me up
and said you needed some time off
today's just a day
but we're not in love
you said "you had your chance
and left me once again"
a friends just a friend
what are your intentions?
feel my heart race while i pace the floor
a simple line before you head out the door
a last resort or a second chance
if i knew better i could tell the difference

you've got your friends and weekend plans
i've got the bars and one night stands

give it up now you've got nothing to lose
cause holding on tight never got you far
i've heard the lines and i've seen the clues
another night asleep lying under the stars

so we'll sleep tonight away
and wake to find nothings changed
we're the same two kids when we were young
its alright to have a little bit of fun so
bring your glass
we'll sit in the back
we'll make it summer
we'll make it last
we won't have much
but we won't forget
we lived this life
with no regrets

i've got my friends and weekend plans
you've got the bars and one night stands

lets keep this time in mind
life's too short to move too fast
i just hope there's more to find
make it summer, make it last


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