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Never be the same da Ingram Hill rientra nel genere Rock,General. E 'stato rilasciato su 04 Feb 2004 sotto l'etichetta di Hollywood. Copyright holded da (C) 2004 Hollywood Records, Inc..

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Il testo della Never be the same

She takes another morning drive
She wonders if she's right this time
She dreams about a life in other scenes
She says it when I'm not around
She drinks herself all over town
And finds a way to live in misery

And it's all I need
To save myself
And leave

Tell her I'm ok
And she knows everything, everything I'll say
Tell her it's a shame
'Cause I believe, my Love, you'll never be the same

She lays awake, alone at night
She can't forget with all her might
She left a love that only you could see
Now she's sorry, desperate, feeling blue
She dreams about a life with you
The other side ain't always what it seems


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